Help LRSD get to New York City!

In an effort to bring the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers to the famous NYC Halloween Parade in Fall 2020, the Society for Syncopated Drumming is raising funds to help cover most of the cost to fly the band to the Big Apple. Using different methods nationally (and internationally even!), you can help us reach our goal of $20,000!


Last Regiment's Contagious Energy
Good Sport Promotion
"Whether performing in front of thousands of anxious cyclists getting ready to leave the start, or greeting hundreds of runners at the finish, or anchoring a community parade, Last Regiment never ceases to get the crowd pumped! Their energy is so contagious that the young and the old can be found dancing to the clean, thumping beats. Over and over, we receive comments from participants of our events that their favorite part is when Last Regiment performs and that they will be back next year to hear them perform again."

Last Regiment: Most Thrilling and Inspiring
Portland Marathon
"On behalf of the Portland Marathon which has more performing artists and musicians along its 26.2 mile route than any other race in the country, I am writing to say that the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers is our most thrilling and inspiring on-course performing group. We station them just after the start so that all 10,000 runners and walkers get the full impact of their call to action for the task ahead. Every year, we observe the marathoners startle when they hear the drummers, and then cheer, thrust their fists into the air, actually jump up and yell, etc. We have more than 60 groups and I can think of no other that rivals the excitement and energy that the Drummers provide."

Last Regiment: Spectacular Addition to Our Event
Portland Single Speed Collective
"Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers brings and adds a whole different level to our event. I am the promoter for Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships and feel that adding the Last Regiment was adding the next level of energy. We had many athletes from all over the country and spectators, all of which mentioned their favorite part of the even was the addition of the drummers. I get goosebumps the minute they start playing. For the athletes in the races, they all felt the Last Regiment boosted their excitement and they loved coming through the drumming section… They are a spectacular addition to our event and I am hoping to use them again this coming year."

Last Regiment: "Could Not Imagine Not Having Them"
Three Course Challenge Invitational
"How does one manage to get between 350 and 500 nervous and/or excited high school cross country runners to focus while at the start of a demanding race? Simple. Bring in the Last Regiment Drum Corps and have them pound out their heart thumping beats five minutes before the start of every race. Gene Gilbertson, starter for the races, shares ‘The Last Regiment gets those kids so fired up to run, they are having fun dancing to the music, just waiting for the start. They simply have taken the meet to a completely new level. And at the finish, you can see the thrill on the faces of the runners and spectators as kids are sprinting to the finish line to the beat of the drums.’ After the first year they played, coaches and athletes always ask ‘Are you going to have the drummers back?’ I could not imagine not having them at our meet. It's hard to put into words what the corp means to this event."