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In an effort to bring the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers to the famous NYC Halloween Parade in October 2021, the Society for Syncopated Drumming is raising funds to help cover most of the cost to fly the band to the Big Apple. We are using several different methods nationally (and internationally), so can you please help us reach our goal of $20,000?

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Every year, The Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers (LRSD) is called upon to kick off numerous public and private functions all over the Pacific Northwest. LRSD delivers a high energy, heart pounding and visually awe-inspiring performance. You can hear the sound throughout Portland, and out into rural Oregon and Washington. When you hear it from a distance, it captures your attention like the pulse of the city and draws you closer. When you see the drums flashing in front of you, the excitement is inescapable. Our music engages audiences of all ages, and inspires enthusiasm in even the most stoic bystander! Whether you're celebrating a grand opening, private party, street fair, charitable or athletic event, the explosive rhythms of The Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers can make any event unique and unforgettable.

TSUNAMI on vinyl!

Our most recent album TSUNAMI is now available digitally and on old-school vinyl! Price is $15 for the digital version, and $18.50 for the vinyl (which includes shipping & handling plus digital download).


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The Last Regiment is one of the few remaining active syncopated drum corps. It was formed in September 1998 by Greg Odell in the hopes of continuing a style of drumming that incorporates both military style rudiments with "street beat" rhythms borne out of Long Beach, California.

Notable Milestones

What is syncopation?

syncopation (sĭng'kəpā`shən, sĭn'-) [New Gr.,=cut off ], in music, the accentuation of a beat that normally would be weak according to the rhythmic division of the measure. Although the normally strong beat is not usually effaced by the process, there are occasions when the natural rhythmic structure is entirely altered, the syncopation being so elaborate and persistent that the actual metrical structure is obliterated aurally. Occasional syncopation is present in music of all types and in all periods.